Kitimat Economic Development Association




“Let’s Talk Energy” forum was a huge success both with exhibitors and the community. Special  thanks to our co-ordinator, Lynn Stevenson, for playing a lead role.

The Coastal Connector (the proposed highway between Houston to the coast) is a primary goal  and we continue to promote and lobby government. This highway would save approximately  320 kilometers on a return trip to the coast from the interior of British Columbia. This would be  a massive savings in fuel and time for everyone along Highway 16 through to Alberta. This  would also provide access to various pipeline proposed routes in the area.

Another priority is providing access to the west side of the Douglas Channel. We continue to  lobby for a comprehensive transportation and utilities corridor to facilitate the maximum potential of this all important area.

Along with the West Side Road, public access to waterfront for social and recreation pursuits is  very important to all of us and we are working towards a favorable solution.

We have met and/or communicated with potential investors including LNG Canada, KLNG, PTI,  RTA, Kitimat Clean, the DOK, Northern Gateway and others. KEDA is available to liaise with potential investors and are available to articulate an independent opinion.

The Seniors Development in Strawberry Meadows (Active Adult Housing) was one of our initial  projects we assisted on and we continue to do so.

Ron Burnett